We. What. Why.

Aesthetic Resistance to Gravity

Dance is the only physical art form and it has to be accessible to all.

Dance does not belong to the stage only. It belongs to nobody. It belongs to everybody.

Jazzo is not for those who know how to dance,
Jazzo is for those who love to dance.

Mimoda Jazzo

I have a dream,
that I have found a solution
to make this world better.

Jews, Arab, Indian, Pakistani, Serb, Bosnian, and so on – hatred, violence, has been our lot for centuries. Unfortunately, more than ever, we are divided by nationalism and religious ideology.

Politicians and religious leaders have failed to create a bond that unites us.

Words are not enough. We need an activity. We need a communal activity. Dance is the solution. Science says that if the world would dance to the same music, at the same time, for one minute, global resonance will be created in that minute. That is the goal.

To create a resonance that goes viral, we need to start small. I propose that we organize, first, local “dance platforms”, where people of different nationalities or religions dance next to each other thus creating peaceful communities. The name of our project is: “When people dance, they don’t think about killing their neighbors”.

What else is Jazzo?

Jazzo is your dance

Jazzo is your personal dance

Jazzo is a universal dance technique

Jazzo is dance without technique

Jazzo Is “Dance Biomechanics”

Jazzo is a dance methodology and movement language and it is based on the study of dance biomechanics — the common ingredient among all styles of dance.

Who is Mimoda Jazzo, aka MJ?

Mimoda Jazzo is the creator of Jazzo, an artist working from his Mimoda Studio in Los Angeles.

What is Mimoda Jazzo Gruppa?

It is an virtual open space for all people around the world that love to dance.

What is Jazzo Bodysophy?

Bodysophy is a simplified self-health optimization system based on an adaptation of dance biomechanics to the daily lifestyle of a human being.

What is Jazzo Jam?

Jazzo Jam is a non-stop dance activity and a dance platform, where everybody can come and enjoy personal dance activity.