BODYSOPHY is a self-health optimization system.

BODYSOPHY is a wellness system originated in the USA and based on self-regulation mechanisms of our bodies. The system is aimed at supporting physical health and optimizing cognitive functions of a contemporary human. BODYSOPHY is made up of three components:

ideology and principles of body culture.
dance biomechanics
supporting food supplements

Statement from the Author

“Our today’s world is very dynamic, strenuous and tough. There is a need for personal health improvement systems which would not only help in solving some narrow problems such as overweight or lack of physical activity but would also contribute to regulation of emotional and mental strain.”
Mimoda Jazzo


BODYSOPHY is a health system based on Mimoda Jazzo’s experience and research. An anti-guru, blogger, designer, producer, film director and owner of a dance and theater studio in Los-Angeles, USA.

Mimoda Jazzo’s unique life experience, education in the domain of health, passion for art and studies of different physical disciplines allowed him to create a new method for easy and natural control of the body and, consequently, health.

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