Jazzo Theatre


Theatre of Dance Biomechanics
Iranian Silent Cinema in Dance


Mimoda Jazzo is a theatre of “Dance Biomechanics” that performs irregularly at Mimoda Studio.

Mimoda Jazzo aka MJ is a character that claims that he comes from the future. He loves to tell stories about how life is in the future.

These stories are called “Retro-futuristic hallucination of Mimoda Jazzo”.

Mimoda Jazzo Gruppa is an open space formation of Mimoda Jazzo followers and enthusiasts that support and believe in him relentlessly.
Aesthetic and Emotional Biomechanics is a physical theatre technique, a performance-based adaptation of Jazzo Dance biomechanics as a basis for training and theatrical movement.
Mimoda Jazzo himself performs regularly on Wednesdays with his Physical Interpretation of Music as part of Music@Mimoda event series — a free weekly classical music concert.


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